A Challenging Shop Design

The owner of this large chain of Vietnamese restaurants wished to establish a new location in a brand new shopping mall. The owner requested a new image that would fit into the mall’s overall theme, as well as shop design services.

The dimensions of the shop were going to make it especially challenging to design, both inside and out. The front of the shop was very long and the interior was quite shallow, which demanded an unconventional approach to shop design.

Our Solution

While the owners clearly wanted to promote a new image and set a new standard for the brand as a whole, we felt it was important to avoid over-designing this first location. Our extensive experience with brand revamp taught us that it takes time for both the client and the customer to accept new changes, and huge changes can even cause hostile reactions.

Our solution was to focus on re-establishing the brand with new artwork and interior decoration that conveyed the message that Viet’s Choice was ‘reborn’. The artwork highlighted the essential, famous dishes of Vietnamese cuisine in a fresh and contemporary way. The interior decoration was based on themes of Vietnamese culture, arranged in a simple, uncluttered environment. The sleek design not only highlighted the updated artwork on the walls, but also allowed the restaurant operations to flow more smoothly.

Services provided

•  Interior Design
•  Lighting Design
•  Environmental Graphics


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